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Fashion at DokiDoki 2016

Postby Tokyo15 » Mon 05 Sep 2016 11:08 am

Fashion at DokiDoki 2016

2016 marks the return of the DokiDoki Fashion Show/Competition to the event schedule. If you’ve got a real passion for fashion and fancy showing off your latest J-style creation or your favourite kawaii outfit on the DokiDoki runway, why not sign up and take part – it’s free to anyone with an event entry ticket. Please email for an application form or simply sign up on the day. Each categories winner will receive a prize.

The categories for the 2016 DokiDoki Fashion Show are as follows:

Lolita – All Lolita styles, such as Classic, Sweet and Goth, etc.

Harajuku – Modern Street styles, such as Gyaru (feminine), Kogyaru (High School), Visual-Kei (Punk) and Decora (Bright), etc.

Kimono – Any style based on modern or traditional Wafuku (Japanese) clothing.

Vintage – Any non-Wafuku vintage styles, including Yofuku (Western), Kimono-Recycle and Steampunk, etc.

If you’re not sure which category best suits your style, please chose Harajuku for a modern style or Vintage for a historical style.

And in case your wardrobe’s a little bare, don’t forget to check out the wide selection of J-fashion stalls amongst the artists and traders. This year’s line-up includes:

8th Sin Creations – Alternative Jewellery
A Stitch in the Dark – Lace Jewellery and Accessories
Dolly Cool – Rockabilly and Vintage Tattoo Jewellery and Accessories
Genki Gear – Kawaii T-shirts
Sakura Sparkles – Kawaii Clothing and Accessories
Shona Mary – Hair Bows
Eve Enchanted – Hand Crafted Hair Accessories
Maz’s Boutique – Lolita and Fairy Kei Clothing and Accessories
Dolls Can Talk – Pastel Goth Clothing and Accessories
Japan Crafts – Kimono Recycle Accessory Craft Kits
Altra Nubes Studio – Lolita and Japanese Street Clothing and Accessories
Bubblegum Emporium – Sweet Lolita Jewellery and Accessories
Dollshouse – Kawaii and Lolita Clothing
Black Candy Fashion – Wigs
Kikuya Kanazashi – Geisha/Maiko Hair Accessories

Also on again this year will be the kimono dressing demonstration, this year being performed by Elizabeth Hitchins from Kimono Stylist. Please check the Event Schedule released a few weeks before the festival for details.
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