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A few questions from a newbie

PostPosted: Wed 28 Aug 2013 8:02 pm
by robertmannma
Hi all,

I will be attending for the first time this year and have a few questions I was wondering if anyone could answer.

1) I am a keen photographer and enjoy taking photos at the various events I attend so what are the rules regarding the taking of photos at this event?

2) As a fan of Beckii Cruel would there be any opportunity while at the event to get an autograph? I have a photobook of hers and would very much like to get it signed if there is such an opportunity. Having not been before, I'm just unsure about whether this event offers any such opportunities.

3) More a question about the venue itself, is there any parking nearby?

Any answers would be very greatly appreciated.

Thanks :D :D :D

Re: A few questions from a newbie

PostPosted: Thu 29 Aug 2013 9:44 am
by Happosai
1) Just the usual (common sense): ask people before taking their photo and respect their wishes; don't get in other people's way; stay within the areas open to the public; keep flash photography of stage acts to a minimum.

2) Yes, there will be an opportunity to meet Beckii and have things signed.

3) There are a few parking spaces outside the venue and on some of the roads nearby. The nearest multi-storey car parks are a few minutes' walk away on Booth Street.


Re: A few questions from a newbie

PostPosted: Thu 29 Aug 2013 11:14 am
by robertmannma

I figured it would probably just be the usual with regard to photography but I wanted to check just to be sure.