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Below are details of the events that took place at the 2011 festival.

For the times of the events at Doki Doki 2011, see the festival programme.

Talks and demonstrations

Food and drink

Sushi Craft - Sushi, bento and more
Welcome to Sushi Craft

Sweet Octopus - Japanese cakes and tea
Sweet Octopus - Patisseries from Tokyo - Specialists in Japanese-themed parties and events - -

Maid Café - In the food area, we will be running a maid table waiting service where, for an extra 50p on your food or drink purchase, you can have it delivered to your table by a maid, with proceeds going to Doki Doki's supported charities.


All visitors are encouraged to attend wearing cosplay. A professional photographer will be present all day for photo shoots.

A cosplay competition with prizes will take place between 5pm and 7pm. Competition registrations will only be taken on the day. For full details of the cosplay competition, see the Doki Doki forum.

For health and safety reasons, whilst we are allowing smaller weapons and props to be carried around on-site, larger items capable of causing injury will be taken from you and only be made available for photo shoots and the cosplay competition. All metal weapons must be sheathed and stay this way throughout the festival -- anyone unsheathing a metal weapon will be removed from venue.

There are male and female changing rooms with coin-operated lockers available on-site.

Lolita fashion

There will be a lolita fashion show and competition, plus various craft workshops will be run throughout the day.


Video game tournaments - Street Fighter IV and Super Mario Kart (SNES version) with prizes for the winners, held at Kyoto Lounge (across the road from the main Doki Doki venue).

Kyoto Lounge

Yu-Gi-Oh! - A small tournament with a prize for the overall winner.

Traditional Japanese festival games - Kamizumo (paper sumo wrestling) and Lottery, with a chance to win cute Japanese goodies.

Anime and film screenings

Redline DVD Kamikaze Girls DVD Summer Wars DVD Cutie Honey DVD


Art competition

Draw a piece of art inspired by anime, manga, video games, Japanese culture, etc. Entries must be drawn on the day on official competition paper. Sponsored and with prizes provided by Copic.

Martial arts

Kobudo - Demonstrations of the Okinawan weapon-based martial arts by Bukido Kobudo Dojo.
Bukido Kobudo Dojo

Samurai and shinobi - Demonstration of samurai and shinobi (ninja) martial arts by Bujinkan Senki Dojo. Have your photograph taken with a fully-armoured samurai -- proceeds willl go to Doki Doki's supported charities and to support the dojo as it improves its facilities and provides an amazing place to train.
Bujinkan Senki Dojo - Martial Arts of the Samurai & Shinobi Warrior


Lessons in the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, plus finished models for sale, with proceeds going to Doki Doki's supported charities.

Origami demonstrations - Raising money for charity

Face painting

Japanese face painting for children and adults alike, with proceeds going to Doki Doki's supported charities.


We will be running a raffle, with all proceeds going to Doki Doki's supported charities:

Evening cosplay party

A cosplay party, organised in conjunction with the Manchester University Japanimation Society (MUJS), will be held at The Zoo nightclub, just opposite the Sugden Sports Centre. It will run from 9pm until 2am and feature a live performance by 'gaijin rock' band Area 11, plus DJs from MUJS, Ultra-Kitty and MegaByte playing J-Pop, K-Pop, anime and video game music. See the registration page for entry prices. The cosplay party is 18+ only.

Area 11
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