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Below are details of the events that are confirmed to be taking place at the 2017 festival so far.

Details of the events that took place at the previous festivals are available: 2016 | 2015 | 2013 | 2011


Talks, panels and workshops on various aspects of Japanese culture.

Panel: Japanese Pop Culture

A panel session with the following guests answering the questions on Japanese modern pop culture:

Panel: Traditional Japanese Culture

A panel session with the following guests answering the questions of anyone interested in Japan's rich historical culture:

Demonstration: Japanese Calligraphy

Demonstrations by Aid For Japan. At the Aid For Japan stall the group will teach and show how to do Japanese Calligraphy throughout the day. Be sure to call there to get something nice for Christmas. All donations go to the charity.


Activities involving the Japanese language.

Japanese language competition

We are holding a competition for people learning to speak the Japanese language. It will be split into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advance.

For an application form, please contact us.

Food & drink

Stalls serving Japanese food and drink.

Sushi Craft

Sushi, bento and more.

Welcome to Sushi Craft

Sweet Octopus

Japanese cakes and tea.

Sweet Octopus - Patisseries from Tokyo - Specialists in Japanese-themed parties and events - -


Japanese bread products.

SugarSalt - Specialists in Japanese bread products and cakes in Chester -

Fashion & cosplay

All attendees are encouraged to attend wearing traditional or contemporary Japanese fashion or cosplay.

Please read the cosplay rules on the Doki Doki forum, especially the props rules, which apply to all attendees.

There are male and female changing rooms with coin-operated lockers available on-site.

Cosplay competition

A Cosplay competition and Cosplay Masquerade with prizes will be judged by a panel of cosplay guests.

Full details of the cosplay competition are available on the Doki Doki forum.

Fashion show

DokiDoki 2017 Fashion Show. If youíve got a real passion for fashion and fancy showing off your latest J-style creation or your favourite kawaii outfit on the DokiDoki runway, why not sign up and take part Ė itís free to anyone with an event entry ticket. Please email for an application form or simply sign up on the day. For more information please check out the link below.

  • Doki Doki Fashion Show
  • Kimono Demonstration

    A demonstration by Elizabeth Hitchins who runs Kimono Stylist on how to dress in a traditional kimono correctly.

    Visit her website for details

    Cosplay guests

    The following cosplayers will be attending the festival as guests, judging the cosplay competition, holding workshops and being involved in other activities.


    Video games

    The Nights of Gaming will be providing a selection of modern and retro Japanese video games to play.


    A Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game tournament with a prize for the overall winner. Sign-up will be on the day. Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck list needed, 40 minute rounds, best of 3, Normal banlist followed.

    Board and Card Games

    An area will be set aside this year overlooking one of the main halls where you can join in with board games or card games and play with your friends. We will not provide anything for this area other than tables or chairs so if you wish to bring your own games please do.


    Anime and live-action Japanese film screenings throughout the day.

    Music, dance & performance

    SOAS Min'yo

    SOAS Min'Yo

    Formed in 2012, SOAS Min'yo are a Japanese folk group of singers, shamisen players, shakuhachi players, percussionists and dancers.

    Akari Mochizuki

    Akari Mochizuki is the only enka (Japanese blues) singer in UK.

    Akari started singing enka at the age of three. She studied drama in Cambrige and contemporary music in London and started her career as a professional singer in 2009. Since then, she has performed on many occasions, showcasing Japanese folk music with Tsugaru Shamisen virtuoso, Hibiki Ichikawa.



    Performances of taiko, traditional Japanese drumming, by Thunderdrummers.

    Thunderdrummers Cumbria are a community based Taiko drumming group from Cumbria and North Lancashire. They play for fun, fitness and creativity, and pass on their skills to people who want to learn.

    DJ Neo Kei

    Neo Kei

    DJ Neo Kei will be playing a variety of styles of Japanese popular music throughout the day.


    Performances on the koto, a traditional stringed instrument, by Sumie Kent.


    Liam Morgan will be playing the shamisen, a 400 year old instrument. Don't let its age fool you – it has a fast, heavy and distinct sound!


    Various activities involving different forms of Japanese art.

    Artist panel

    A panel session featuring some of the artists attending the festival, where they will answer questions put to them by the festival organisers and the audience.

    Art competition

    Draw a piece of art inspired by anime, manga, video games, Japanese culture, etc. The only rule is that the entry must be drawn on the day on official competition entry paper. The competition will run during the afternoon and be judged by some of the artists attending the festival.

    Martial arts

    Demonstrations of various forms of Japanese martial arts.


    A raffle, with all proceeds going to Doki Doki's supported charity.


    In the evening following the main festival, there will be a cosplay after-party co-hosted by the Manchester University Japanimation Society (MUJS), with DJs playing J-pop/rock/dance, anime and video game themes.

    Taking part in the evening event will be, DJ Neo Kei and DJ Happosai. MUJS will be organising games and events throughout the evening and there will be a charity Maid Cafe at the event. Details to be confirmed.

    It will be held at The Footage (on the same road from Sugden Sports Centre), from 9pm until 2am. Entry will be free-of-charge and open to people aged 18 and above only.

    More to be announced!
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